is a project, created in the village of Zdonov in Czech Republic.

We spent there three weeks in an old farm, listening to the sounds and working on the project. We were inspired by the atmosphere and the visual appearance of the whole place.

The cellar of the farm was the main source of inspiration. There were three separate places in the cellar. The first one was a narrow corridor with stairs. The second one - the main room, former coal chamber and the last one - we called it "The kitsch room", because it looked like industrial techno mixture space. All these places were sounded by different sounds, which we created.

The corridor’s sounds were blurring and drawling voices of people. The main place of the cellar was sounded by a heartbeat, coming from a lighted stone monument, which we created in the center of the place. The acoustic was absolutely breath-taking… The atmosphere in the third room was very industrial, combined with shadows on the walls, which we drew. The feeling was complete by a neon light, breaking off the light.

This installation was a 24 hour moment live.