Time changes colors, structure, sound...
The walls of every house are alive, they breathe, they talk, and they soak the sound of the past times.

The cellar is the most sensitive place of the house…the heart of it. Its walls have been absorbing not only the moisture, but the sound of many voices.

We are walking through the fourth dimension, where multidimensional voice of the space whispers.
“The moment” is already a history. There was, there is and there will be. This little time frame is escaping too fast from our senses. Many memories and dreams go out from our mind. The sound picture collects the left pieces of old times and restores an old photograph, which have been alive in someone’s memory. It’s not your own memory, but somehow you remember that, it’s familiar to your senses.

If our own voices would go back through the time they would change their own vibration. The layers of the years would transform those sounds to smooth echoes. Then past meets the present, leaving tracks and scratches to it’s surface.

We are searching for the sound of the shadows, left beyond the years. These shadows are coming back now and they want to be alive again. Through the years they left their own shadows.

Once this space was full of many stories, many voices. Layers of movements are recorded somewhere deep into the walls. A moment of existence, a moment of crossing the time border, a moment you go through is a surrealistic sound escape…