Sound-e-scape is an environment created by sound.

There are different elements of the soundscape which we want make visible and through feelings.

The sounds may not always be heard consciously, but including visuality by changing some elements in the enviroment, houses, rooms, we can expose the character of the place. Mostly through history of the place and the people. Sounds are created by nature, wind, water, forests, plains, birds, insects, animals etc. In many urban areas for example, traffic has become the keynote sound.

We want to find the sound of your place.

The soundscape composition we make, is a composition creating a sound portrait of the sound environment which strengthen the visuality and emotion of the old buildings. It's simply about letting sound express the momentum of different times, which are not visible from where we are, and in the way that attention to sound can make us more present in that place.

It is physical and emotional.

Paying attention to sound with the visual structure of the surrounding leads to a deep experience.

The installation uses sculptural materials and other technical things to modify the way we experience the particular space. The work is site-specific which can be designed only beeing there and experience the existenz in the space for which it will be created. The meaning of the environmental installation is that one can actually enter or pass through the work and be partially or completely surrounded by it.